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Cardamom our queen of spices

When visiting Ibiza for the first time the founders of Hierbas Colinas reconnected with a Belgian friend living on the magical Island. Enchanted by the beauty of the Colinas Anibal region the idea slowly took shape to create an own Hierbas with a Belgian twist.

Hierbas Colinas rose from the shadows of the Belgian Pays de Collines(colinas) region in collaboration with a young and ambitious distillery.

Pure and simple herbs are being used to flavour our beloved Hierbas. We believe in a natural production as no additives or dyes are used to produce Hierbas Colinas.

Hierbas Colinas a balearic flavoured Belgian Hierbas deriving its name from a region in Ibiza and Belgium.

Kick off your shoes, put your feet up, lean back and enjoy a glass of Hierbas Colinas on the rocks!

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