Stormy Colinas

50 ML Hierbas Colinas 

Angostura Bitters

Ginger Beer | Ginger Ale (Sweet Version)


Build in Collins glass

Muddle Some lime parts (3-4)

1 dash of AngosturaBitters in glass
Add Hierbas Colinas with some crushed ice and swizzle.

Add more crushed ice and top with ginger beer or ginger ale

Garnish & Finish: Garnish with fresh Mint

Add all ingredients to a shaker with crushed ice

Shake shortly until chilled (10-15sec)

Open and pour into Tiki Mug

Garnish with fresh Mint, dehydrated orange, pineapple leaves

Smokey Salinas

30ml Hierbas Colinas

30ml Mezcal | Siete Misterios Espadin 

30ml Sweet Vermouth | Carpano Antica Formula

2 dashes Chocolate bitters  | The Bitter Truth

1 dash Angostura bitters

1 pinch of salt  | Sal de Ibiza

Add all ingredients to a mixer glass

Add lots of ice and stir until properly chilled and diluted

25-30sec strain into a single rocks glass over 1 large ice cube

Garnish & Finish: Garnish with a piece of salted caramel 

Hierbas Hippie -Tiki

30ml White rum  | 7 Sins White Rum

25ml Hierbas Colinas

25ml Pineapple juice  | Fresh or Looza

15ml Coconut Liqueur  | De Kuyper 

10ml Fino Sherry  | Osbourne

10ml Orgeat syrup | Giffard syrups

Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice cubes

Shake and double strain into high coupe. 

Garnish & Finish: Express Orange peel and garnish

Ashram Cooler

30ml Hierbas Colinas

30ml Suze liqueur 

30ml Dry Vermouth | Dolin Dry

20ml Lemon juice 

Fever Tree ‘Mediterranean Tonic’

Build in Collins glass

Add all ingredients to the Collins glass | NOT the tonic

Add some crushed ice | Stir in glass until chilled

Add more crushed ice

Top with some Fever Tree ‘Mediterranean Tonic’ 

Garnish & Finish: Garnish with fresh Mint.

Monkey Wants The Herb

40ml Hierbas Colinas

30ml Blended Malt Whisky | Monkey Shoulder

20ml Lemon juice

15ml Amaro | Amaro Averna

15ml Simple syrup

2 dashes Black Walnut Bitters  |By Fee Brothers

Hierbas Colinas Sour

60ml Hierbas Colinas

30ml Lemon juice

25ml Simple syrup

1 dash Angostura

1 Egg White 

Add all ingredients to a shaker and ‘Dry Shake’.

Add ice cubes and ‘Wet Shake’

Double strain into a prechilled coupe

Garnish & Finish: Express Lemon peel